Inaugural post

Welcome to Reformissio! My name is Jonathan, and I am an evangelical missionary in northern Italy. Given Italy’s history, traditions and culture, I sometimes describe my work not as mission in the traditional sense but as more of a “reformission”. This blog is home to a series of my own personal reflections, in conversation with a great cloud of witnesses, on what it means for the church to be continually reformed according to the one Word of God. Since in the present “we see in a mirror dimly” (1 Cor. 13:12), we always have need of the disruptive inbreaking of that Word to dispel the lingering shadows with its radiant light. Full disclosure: I make no claim to present definitive statements on any of the topics discussed. I admit that I make many mistakes (many of which are likely reflected on this blog!), and I still have much to learn. I merely hope to offer provisional ‘stammerings’ that seek to echo the eloquence of the Word of God spoken and speaking in Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that this blog may contribute, even if only in a small and negligible way, to realizing this goal.

Thanks for stopping by!