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“According to the Scriptures”: Irenaeus, the Word of God, and the Tradition of the Church

One of the common criticisms of sola Scriptura is that it has no support prior to the Reformation, especially in the early centuries of church history. Not only is sola Scriptura without patristic support, but (so it is claimed) it represents a total contradiction … Continue reading

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God Was In Christ: Karl Barth on the Significance of God’s Being in his Act of Reconciliation

While explaining, in a recent post, why T.F. Torrance considered the traditional Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement to involve an implicit heretical Christology (Nestorianism, to be precise), I touched on the critical importance of Scripture’s affirmation that “God was in Christ … Continue reading

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How Not to Read the Bible: Modalist Edition

In this edition of “How Not to Read the Bible” (a series in which so far I have only written one article), I look at one of the fundamental interpretative errors that leads to the heresy of modalism, the notion … Continue reading

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Reforming Calvinism: Why the Doctrine of Limited Atonement Implies a Heretical Christology

T.F. Torrance is known to have criticized the traditional Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement (i.e. that Christ died in an efficacious way only for the elect) on the basis of its implicit Nestorianism, the early Christological heresy, condemned by the … Continue reading

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The Only Fountain of Salvation: Sola Scriptura and the Faith of the Early Church

One of the most common objections that I hear from Roman Catholics against the five solas of the Reformation, especially to sola Scriptura, is that these were complete novelties invented by the Protestant Reformers in blatant contradiction to the first centuries of church history. … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Conception of Mary: The Displacement of Christ and the Demise of the Church

Today, the 8th of December, is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. In a blog post on the National Catholic Register, Marge Fenelon explains that The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, proclaimed in 1854 by Pope Pius IX, states that … Continue reading

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Fractures in the Foundation of St. Peter’s Rock: The Current Catholic Crisis and the Evangelical Solution

By way of introduction, I would simply like to reproduce a short article that recently appeared on LifePetitions concerning the trouble that is currently brewing in the Catholic Church: Four Cardinals have released an historic letter (FULL TEXT) to Pope Francis … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Pope Francis: God Forgives Those Who Follow Their Conscience (Even Atheists Who Reject Christ)

Pope Francis has the reputation of being someone who would rather embrace than argue, who would rather feel than think, who would rather love people than theologize, who would rather dialogue than debate. Although I view these as false dichotomies, they certainly … Continue reading

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To Be Reformed is to Be More Truly Catholic: A Reformation Day Reflection

One of my favorite writings from the prolific pens of the Reformers is John Calvin’s letter to Cardinal Sadolet. Sadolet had previously written to the city of Geneva in the attempt to convince its citizens to rescind their decision to align themselves … Continue reading

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On Heresy and Heretics

Something disconcerting that I have noticed in my interactions with various people about what I am writing here – especially in relation to Karl Barth and T.F. Torrance – is how frequently the terms ‘heresy’, ‘heretic’, and ‘heretical’ get thrown around … Continue reading

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