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More Fearsome than an Army of 10,000 Men: John Knox and the Power of Prayer (Reformission Monday)

The following is excerpted from Douglas Bond, The Mighty Weakness of John Knox (Lake Mary, FL: Reformation Trust, 2011), Kindle Locations 370-427. In 1909, on the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, civic and church leaders unveiled … Continue reading

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The Perfect School of Christ: The Example of Geneva and the Scottish Reformation

Prefatory note: I have decided to begin a new series of reflections that I intend to post every Monday on the topic of ‘reformission’ (i.e. reformation as mission, or the form that mission takes in contexts needing reformation) which constitutes the heart … Continue reading

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Under the Fearful Cross: John Knox and the Cost of Reformission

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will already be familiar with the concept of reformission. It is, of course, the overriding theme of all that I write about here at Reformissio. The idea of reformission is … Continue reading

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The Beard that Changed a Nation: The Making of Scotland’s Great Reformer

While reading Jane Dawson’s excellent biography on the life and work of the Scottish Reformer John Knox, I was amused by a brief story that she recounts from a key period in Knox’s formation. First some background information: Knox’s predecessor and … Continue reading

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The New Reformation: T.F. Torrance on Retrieving the Nicene and Protestant Pattern of Reform for Today

In a series of recent posts I examined the question “Is the Reformation over?” from a variety of angles and, in each case, I gave a resounding “No!” as the answer. When I say that the Reformation is not over, I … Continue reading

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John Knox and the Unstoppable Power of a Fragile Weakness

My family and I are currently listening to the audiobook version of The Mighty Weakness of John Knox, a didactic biography written by Douglas Bond. The title of this book is indeed striking: the mighty weakness of John Knox. It is … Continue reading

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